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Welcome to the website of the Structural Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing Research Group (BIO-HPC). Our multidisciplinary research group is based at the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM, South East Spain). We work in the exploitation of High Performance Computing Architectures (Supercomputers, GPUs) for the development, acceleration and application of bioinformatics applications. We deliver and apply an improved integrated computational-experimental strategy for the discovery of bioactive (drugs, fungicides, cosmetics, food technology, etc) compounds with desired functional properties. The range of applicability of our methodology covers almost any bioactive compound discovery and design campaign and our main expertise resides (but is not limited to) in the discovery of bioactive compounds related to blood diseases, functional foods, and fungicides. We are looking for research contracts or for co-joint application to European projects with partners interested in the discovery of bioactive compounds for a given biological problem or in the optimization of leads or interpretation of experimental data.

Below can you find a video presentation of our research group (in Spanish at the moment):

Some previous group pictures:

March 2016


June 2016